Friday, 30 November 2012

some more things. istd.

the messy type is like the static noise a geiger counter makes, reflecting the danger of working inside chernobyl, things could go from stable to mad as fudge crackling geigers in the space of one second. very scary stuff!

Thursday, 29 November 2012


experimentalising. front cover. free booklet provided with (hypothetical) indie news/nature/design/architecture/science/general interesting stuff magazine. the booklet highlights the unsung heroes involved in the clean up work and stabilisation of chernobyl post reactor explosion. really an incredibly interesting subject, people involved risked their lives to ensure that there was no further explosions n stuff (if there was another explosion it could have caused a massive radioactive dust cloud which would have flew around the world making everything all radioactive and dangerous). unfortunately due to the secretive nature of the USSR most of the goings on (and acts of selfless heroism which, i a sense, saved the world) in the old chernobyl reactor were kept well under wraps. apparently the scientists pure hated the bureaucracy. sorry about my low brow descriptions.... the booklet will be have a far higher standard of writing haha. look after yourselves everyoneeeeeeee

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

12" double breasted vinyl release artwork for the lucid dream

just playin around with ideas. the lucid dream are a psych band, a very bloody good psych band too! can't tell you what label the 12" is coming out on because i can't remember. i'll have to ask Mike.... enjoy!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

swallow hill alternate business cards

does what it says on the tin.

swallowhill webdesign deux

newly rekerjiggered swallow hill website design.
(right click, open in new window to see the full img properly)

again, that black navbar across the top will only appear once the user scrolls the other nav
bar off the screen- see images below for expamples.

how the website will appear when the user loads it up, no black nav bar.

how the website will appear when it's inuse.

swallow hill stationary version ein

the 'clean' version of my swallow hill vineyard branding, got alternate logo/stationary/packaging in the works still, as well as the 'clean' versions of the packaging/labelling.