Tuesday, 26 March 2013

alt. poster concept for the final shows.

can't decide on the layout. :D irritating. time to return home and eat lots of food i think...

unused thing

incredibly rough concept for the lucid dream digipak packaging. didn't endup getting used but i thought the images were fairly cool. might do something with it eventually.

just got watermark magazine printed :)

Looks dead nice. Will take some nice photographs before the end of this week. Good times!

Concept proposal for Compa's new label

preliminary logo design proposals for Compa's new label. 
may not get used as Will and I are just crackin' on about tings atm.

stuff for The Lucid Dream's new release and tour round Europe

digipak CD package inside and outside (outside is upside down because of the way the document was set up for printing...forgot to rotate it :~/ )

 a5 insert for the with thankyous on for the 12"
rough vinyl concept (still in the process of being designed).

poster design concepts for their european tour

Saturday, 16 March 2013

stationary / promo stuff for final shows.

bussiness cards

bussiness cards

post cards (front/reverse version one/reverse version two) haven't decided which layout i'm going for with the reverse sides.

me invoice design