Monday, 28 May 2012

check me out..being all webdesigny and stuff!

So I'm making a portfolio website for a sculptor who's based in Brighton... here's how it's going so far!

It took me ages to figure out how to get the "mouseover" / "mouseout" to work on this last image, I'm so noob at jscript right now... When you scroll over a project title on the left it changes the colour of the corresponding image on the right so you can tell which project you're opening! Neat eh??? Proud because I worked it out myself rather than robbing jquery scripts from other people!

As you can tell I haven't finished sorting out all of the site images yet...

If anyone wants to get in touch about webdesign in the future swing me an email :

Next week: learning how to use some content management systems so I can create blog style websites for clients to update :).

Friday, 25 May 2012


Heroes: Illustrate an unsung hero - not some derp celebrity or a fictional comic book hero.
(uni brief) A2 poster- it looks so much nicer printed, I'll have to get a snap of it!

I chose Arthur Scargill. In my opinion the miners' strikes in England were one of the last opportunities for the PEOPLE to make a difference to how the country was ran. Shame Maggie Maggot was so sly and evil. I can't believe how few people my age are aware of what happened in the 80s, especially with the Occupy Movement and all this "We Are the 99%" business going down...

About the illustration: Arthur was damn difficult to draw (I don't believe in tracing over photos of peoples' faces... that's cheatin!!!). It's supposed to be him in a cavern with little miners mining his face into the rock. I realise that there was so many more opportunities for me with this piece, but it was right at the end of my semester... stressed and sleepy my brain gave up functioning. Live and learn!

"a very brief introduction to" re-brand

Oxford University Press "A very brief introduction to" series. Book jacket re-branding (not live).

Flat versions. Will get some flix of the printed versions...they look so much nicer :). The idea was based around getting a brief snippet of stuff that whizzes past as you look out of a train window... or something like that....

About the illustration: I really need to work on my use of colour. I'm pretty damn horrible with it. Again it's a high contrast white on black piece. I need to spice things up a notch! this one was really fun to do though.

Monday, 21 May 2012

update-tastic! occult crimes illustration

Occult Crimes: illustration for an article in Guardian (not live) following an  "occult crimes unit" of the police in South Africa.

After reading the article (and then around the subject, because the article was pretty terrible) my understanding is that Christian folk (mainly white Christian folk) who were once in power in South Africa are attempting to maintain what little power they have left, via manipulation and scare mongering. It seems that the police force and media twist a lot of crimes to have an occult/devil worshiping  motive. The human element gets lost and people focus more on battling "the devil", instead of recognising the unrest issues the country has.  Maybe it's something to do with the fact that "battling the unholy devil worshipers" will have been a deep rooted part of South African culture, since the first white Christians settled there and encountered native African religions? I dunno, I might be waaaaaay off the mark. ... really interesting topic though.

About the illustration: I am severely disappointed in my own work haha I'm such a let down.. better updates coming soon.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Finished up my last semester of the year this week. Quickly (very quickly) thew together a little pdf document containing all of the finals and some development work from this semester. Also contains some fraff about how I've developed as an illustrator, my future plans and the directions I want to take my work. Have a flick through if you're interested!

(THIS tumblr contains all of the finals I have produced this year, while I redesign my website)

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*EDIT: since the embed code is hating life ... here's the URL. Apologies!

Currently doing an identity/press pack brief for a contemporary jeweller based here in Carlisle, will pop up some photos of all the stationary when it's finished and printed next week. It's so exciting watching your own work being produced, looking all sleek and finished!

I am also just starting to re-design my whole website, which should also be finished by the end of next week, depending on whether I can retrieve my university work and take some nice photographs of it. Contrast to the feelings of my coursemates towards HTML and CSS, I actually really like webdesign. I guess I'm lucky because I can actually get my head round it. I think I have good ideas? Maybe? I guess I'll find out after I get a few more websites under my belt.