Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Final version of Felix' website done and dusted. Unfortunately only the beta is online at the moment - (the type is actually meant to be 9, not 12 as it is at the moment) final should be uploadified soon I hope :)

Here's some nice pictures.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

snappy waps

Please enjoy some shit drab photographs I have taken. Thanks you for looking.

Good news everyone!

Just kidding! There is no good news. There's never good news. Only shit news.
Here is a tiny selection of the massive amount of receipt paper doodles I' remove from my work trouser pockets before putting them in the washing machine. I never get time to finish my receipt paper doodles....customers always interrupting. Bastards. Will post more when I find them lurking around.

this guy works in a gas station


cheeky ghost

melty skull face

squiggle monster and songbird

fat dude

I believe this is a man who's face is melting

Working in retail fulfills my soul to the maximum.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

I have won a competition woOooOOo

so apparently I won?
The illustration is below, I jazzed it up by being all scribbly with pencil crayons before I emailed it to the folks. Also the water looked like clouds before... that needed to change. Don't think I deserved this victory at all but call me a happy bunny; I've never won anything before!

The illo is below. For some reason on my monitor it looks HORRIBLY neon. It definitely isn't. Monitor why are you lying?

Monday, 4 June 2012

screen print contest entry :)!

Unfortunately I was setting off to the best festival in the world one day before the deadline for the Imagine That screenprint contest, leaving me 1 day to knock together an illustration. It came out terribly (in my opinion), gonna have to redo it some time this week. Not impressed with myself... It's a robot lost at sea being all busted up and broken, with some plants growing out of it and some seaguls flying around it and roosting on it.