Friday, 30 March 2012

D&AD Student Illustrator Awards!

This was my entry for the Little White Lies magazine cover illustration contest thingy for D&AD.
It looks alot better in real life. I wanted to go for something a little different from the standard face on portraits Little White Lies seems to use.

the original sketchydoodle of Natalie Portman - looks quite a lot like her considering it was done in under a minute!...not to blow my own trumpet or anything...

£17 to enter .................

Illustration du Reportage, deuxieme partie!

Well these images seem to have uploaded themselves in reverse order. The last image is the coverpage.
This brief entailed reporting the deconstruction (or destruction) of an object. I chose an old funky radio.

Illustrations taken from a 26 page book I made recently. The brief was to document a collection of objects and create a catalogue. I documented a selection of horribly creepy old porcelain figurines and catalogued their horrid creepiness. For the first book I've ever made it turned out way better than I had anticipated; for once I didn't get sticky finger prints everywhere, I didn't crinkle all of the pages and I didn't slice myself or any of the pages up badly with a scalpel!
View it on ISSUU below! (if the embed code has worked that is).

Okay first post lets go! - Reportage illustrations

A couple of reportage illustrations produced in my university's jewellery workshop. Apologies for the poor image quality, they were taken directly from ISSUU.


Well, I went and made myself a serious blog because my popular blog has a quantity of swearing and hatred that is an unacceptable portrayal of my highly professional attitude towards my illustration and design work! Naughty Ben.....