Tuesday, 23 April 2013

also i'm now a member of the international society of typographic designers

got the email today

not bad eh? guess they liked my editorial piece on the chernobyl disaster. cool.

2 day brief - record company branding & set of 5 vinyl sleeves

decided to set myself a 2 day brief of something fun because i was feeling slacky after doing loads of boring webdesign.

day 1: invent record company, do the branding / identity / concept etc
day 2: design 5 record sleeves and some basic promo material (business card, stickers, flier etc)

the concept _
the name 'isku' is finnish from impact/blow/explosion/hit or something along those lines.
logo is a pixelated earth being smashed by an asteriod.
all the tunes released are fairly dark weighty tunes, so wanted to go for some artwork which reflected that vibe. found some INCREDIBLE electron microscope images in the cambridge flickr 

(taken by dr. chris forman - cheers chris mate).

gonna get em printed and constructed on thursday! excited :D.

type layouts n tings

1 day brief vinyl sleeves - electron microscope images