Tuesday, 30 October 2012

swallow hill (quick rough draft) website design

aaaand here's a quick website mockup i did for them, it's super rough and not finalised at all. 
obseve, enjoy, high five your monitor if you like. criticism extremely super welcome!!

i've also attached some cool but unrelated pictures of some anasazi symbols.
the bottom picture is a guy called Kokopelli. they're neat eh?

oh, that black bar at the top will be a fixed div (aka anchored to the top of the page and always
remains there, no matter how far you scroll down the page- for those who don't know what a fixed div is)
the fixed navigation bar at the top will only appear/fade in after the main navigation bar
(the one under the logo) goes off the screen as the user scrolls down the website. also neat eh?

(right click, open image in new window to view the website full size)

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