Sunday, 29 July 2012

Costa Foundation poster

Working on a poster for a local Costa Foundation  charity event! A 10 mile barefoot walk (absolute madman, but it's for a good cause!) inspired by John Mary Kyalanyi who walked 17 kilometers with his mother to see the Headmaster of Onwards & Upwards School, Uganda. John told the headmaster he wanted an education more than anything else, but his parents were far too poor to pay the tuition fees. The headmaster was moved by his commitment & confidence and invested in John's future via the schools bursary scheme.

Might doodle a couple of footprints on that pathway though...

It's called "Mike Beet: Sore Feet", mikebeet being the name of the guy doing the walk. I thought of the name,  which was a (rare) stroke absolute genius by me... ;) heh heh. PEACE

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