Friday, 25 May 2012


Heroes: Illustrate an unsung hero - not some derp celebrity or a fictional comic book hero.
(uni brief) A2 poster- it looks so much nicer printed, I'll have to get a snap of it!

I chose Arthur Scargill. In my opinion the miners' strikes in England were one of the last opportunities for the PEOPLE to make a difference to how the country was ran. Shame Maggie Maggot was so sly and evil. I can't believe how few people my age are aware of what happened in the 80s, especially with the Occupy Movement and all this "We Are the 99%" business going down...

About the illustration: Arthur was damn difficult to draw (I don't believe in tracing over photos of peoples' faces... that's cheatin!!!). It's supposed to be him in a cavern with little miners mining his face into the rock. I realise that there was so many more opportunities for me with this piece, but it was right at the end of my semester... stressed and sleepy my brain gave up functioning. Live and learn!

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