Monday, 21 May 2012

update-tastic! occult crimes illustration

Occult Crimes: illustration for an article in Guardian (not live) following an  "occult crimes unit" of the police in South Africa.

After reading the article (and then around the subject, because the article was pretty terrible) my understanding is that Christian folk (mainly white Christian folk) who were once in power in South Africa are attempting to maintain what little power they have left, via manipulation and scare mongering. It seems that the police force and media twist a lot of crimes to have an occult/devil worshiping  motive. The human element gets lost and people focus more on battling "the devil", instead of recognising the unrest issues the country has.  Maybe it's something to do with the fact that "battling the unholy devil worshipers" will have been a deep rooted part of South African culture, since the first white Christians settled there and encountered native African religions? I dunno, I might be waaaaaay off the mark. ... really interesting topic though.

About the illustration: I am severely disappointed in my own work haha I'm such a let down.. better updates coming soon.

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