Sunday, 6 May 2012

Finished up my last semester of the year this week. Quickly (very quickly) thew together a little pdf document containing all of the finals and some development work from this semester. Also contains some fraff about how I've developed as an illustrator, my future plans and the directions I want to take my work. Have a flick through if you're interested!

(THIS tumblr contains all of the finals I have produced this year, while I redesign my website)

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*EDIT: since the embed code is hating life ... here's the URL. Apologies!

Currently doing an identity/press pack brief for a contemporary jeweller based here in Carlisle, will pop up some photos of all the stationary when it's finished and printed next week. It's so exciting watching your own work being produced, looking all sleek and finished!

I am also just starting to re-design my whole website, which should also be finished by the end of next week, depending on whether I can retrieve my university work and take some nice photographs of it. Contrast to the feelings of my coursemates towards HTML and CSS, I actually really like webdesign. I guess I'm lucky because I can actually get my head round it. I think I have good ideas? Maybe? I guess I'll find out after I get a few more websites under my belt.

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